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The Romance Reviews

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Romance Writers of America (RWA)

  Agent Query: Find the Agent Who
Will Find You a Publisher.

Help With Grammar
  Preditors & Editors: A guide to
publishers and writing services
for serious writers!

WisRWA Member Websites...

  Donna Marie Rogers
Barbara Raffin
Roxi Romano
Lori Handeland
Shari Anton
Carrie Bebris
Rowena Beaumont Cherry
Lyn Cote, Inspirational
Pamela Ford
Victoria Hinshaw
  Ana Leigh
Carrie Masek
Books By Anna Schmidt
Julie Skerven
Kathryn Springer
Christie Craig
Emily Bryan
Laura Iding
Liz Hunter

My fellow Roses at The Wild Rose Press
  Donna Marie Rogers
Laurel Bradley
A.Y. Stratton
Stacy Dawn
Stacey Coverstone
Jeannie Ruesch
  Liza James
Kara Lynn Russell
Donna Michaels
Casey Clifford
Ilona Fridl

GIAMx2 Websites
Contemporary & Historical Romance
'Romances To Remember'
Steamy Romantic Adventure & Suspense
Weekly Writing Inspiration
Hot, Sweeping, Historical Romance
Southern Love & Beachcombing mysteries
Erotic romance
"Hot Southern Lovin'"
'Sizzling Romance...Small towns...Simply Irresistable'
Erotic romance
Regency Romance That Sizzles

Favorite Authors...

  Judith McNaught

Walter Farley
(The Black Stallion Series)

  Johanna Lindsey (unofficial website)

Elizabeth Lowell

If you like the covers for the Welcome to Redemption series, check out Tamra’s site!

Beautiful Bookmark Designs...

  Delia Letham, Delia Designs



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