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Writing Resources

I'm certainly no expert, so in my quest to improve my writing, I have numerous invaluable tools I turn to for help.


GMC: Goal Motivation and Conflict, The Building Blocks of Good Fiction
by Debra Dixon (ISBN 0-9654371-0-8)
How to use these key elements to give dimension to your characters and direction to your plot. (And if you ever get the opportunity to attend Debra's workshop, it's worth every second of your time.)

Roget's Super Thesaurus
by Marc McCutcheon (ISBN 0-89879-658-X)
The ultimate thesaurus and word-finder.

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
by Renni Browne and Dave King (second edition) (ISBN 0-06-054569-0)
How to edit yourself into print.

Creating Character Emotions
by Ann Hood (ISBN 1-884910-33-5)
Writing compelling, fresh approaches that express your character's true feelings.

Writing Dialogue
by Tom Chiarella (ISBN 8-884910-32-7)
How to create memorable voices and fictional conversations that crackle with wit, tension and nuance.

Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies
by Leslie Wainger (ISBN 0-7645-2554-9)
A top romance editor gives you the know-how you need to succeed as a romance novelist.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Your Romance Published
by Julie Beard (ISBN 0-02-863196-X)
Quick and easy strategies for getting your romance novel off the ground
Idiot-proof steps to lead you through the writing process
Down-to-earth advice on submitting, selling, and promoting your masterpiece.

The Marshall Plan for Getting Your Novel Published
by Evan Marshall (ISBN 1-58297-196-X)
90 strategies and techniques for selling your fiction.

Website Links

Please visit my Links page for online writing information. I will continue to add when I discover a site that I find particularly helpful.


Writers Digest
The Writer
RWR (Romance Writer's Report) comes with RWA membership

Critique Partners

They may not work for everyone, but I have a wonderful critique partner who works with me as we hone our craft. Her opinions, advice, brainstorming, proof-reading/editing, and support (even if it's just to cheer me up on a bad day) are of tremendous help. Choose a partner(s) carefully, someone who you can have a mutually helpful relationship with and who will be kindly honest with you in your effort to improve all aspects of your writing.

Area Meetings

There is nothing like the monthly meeting of my area chapter. Three hours of nothing but writing talk, time with others who understand my mindset, and the local support and friendliness of my fellow members.

Visit Romance Writers of America to find a chapter near you!

Area Conferences/Workshops

Almost every Chapter of RWA has it's own yearly conference or workshop. Once you've located an RWA chapter near you, check their website for conference information. The information offered and the contacts and friends made at these events make them worth every penny of the registration fee.

RWA National Conference

Attended by the best in the business, invaluable workshops, tons of information and great fun! See the RWA home site for registration details.

Obviously, there are many, many more tools available to you than I've listed here. These are simply the ones I've found useful.

All views expressed are my personal opinion and not intended to offer any guarantee of success in a writing career. That part is entirely up to you. Best of luck, and some day, I'd love to pick one of your books from the store shelf, if I haven't already!

Copyright © 2005- Stacey Joy Netzel
All rights reserved.