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PRE-ORDER: Say You’ll Marry Me (Welcome to Redemption – 10book10-6 -72)

Available Oct. 8, 2015

“Why would I help you? We don’t even like each other.”

Truer words were never spoken, but Joy Dolinski needs a fake fiancé, and money is no object. Unfortunately, the one man who fits the bill turns her on with a hot kiss, then turns her down flat.

Though Logan Walsh desperately needs the half million Joy offers to save his farm, pride refuses to let him be her charity case. Once he discovers why she asked for his help, a change of heart has the potential to change their future.

Vanished in Venice (Italy Intrigue Series – 3)

Vanished in Venice by Stacey Joy Netzel

The cross is the key as rival families race to find the jeweled artifact first. But Nick and Rachel aren’t the only ones in the search. Ruthless players willing to do anything for the treasure put their lives at risk and force them to work together. Despite all the secrets and lies, lines quickly blur between the con and the real deal. Can love survive a double-cross when the mystery is unlocked?

“From the moment the book begins until its exciting conclusion, Vanished in Venice is all blood pounding chases, near misses with death and heart stopping romance.”– Adria’s Romance Reviews

Spring Fling, Romancing Wisconsin – 7

Spring Fling a small town contemporary romance in the Romancing Wisconsin series by Stacey Joy Netzel

A week of no-strings fun is never that simple.

Tessa Sullivan figures she can handle a no-strings-attached fling with the handsome stranger she meets at her sister’s Spring wedding. After all, she doesn’t believe in love. Or so she tells herself.

Trevor Jackson’s painful past leaves him adamant he’ll never open his heart again. But a week of uncomplicated fun with the beautiful bridesmaid? Now that’s an arrangement he can work with.

All’s well that ends well—a mutually enjoyable relationship that will end as simply as it started—until someone breaks the rules and falls in love.

“I love the whole series from beginning with Mistletoe Mischief. I love Stacey’s writing and look forward to Book 8.” – Bev, Amazon Reviewer

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