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Must Love Diamonds Series, book 1

A wedding cake baker and a photographer walk into a bar—

No, that’s just silly. They meet at a wedding, of course. And since Asher Diamond only does weddings for the frosting on the cakes, it’s a match made in hea—

Nope, scratch that, too.

Because Honor Hartman knows Happily Ever After isn’t the fairy tale it’s cracked up to be, no matter how much the sexy photographer makes her wish otherwise.

Asher thinks she could be The One, and the fact she’s the woman behind the butter cream frosting is icing on the cake. When his psychic best friend warns him Honor doesn’t believe in forever, he’s willing to risk his heart to prove to her true love exists—until a shocking family secret shakes the foundation of everything he believes in and reveals how wrong it can go if Honor is right.

New series. New family. New drama.

Must Love Frosting is the first book in Stacey Joy Netzel’s brand new Must Love Diamonds series. The Diamonds are the First Family of Colorado. They have money, looks, and charisma galore, but they don’t all have love…



Must Love Diamonds, book 2

A by-the-books accountant who’s sworn off love meets the irresistible psychic who’s dreamed about him since she was a little girl.

A one-night stand? Sure.

A no-strings fling? No problem.

Love and Marriage? Hell no.

Loyal Diamond has gotten down on one knee twice. He’s had his heart broken twice. He’s not risking it ever again.

Psychic Roxanna Kent had a vision of a loyal and true soul mate when she was a little girl. She didn’t expect him to be named Loyal, or that he would be bitter and jaded and completely closed off to the love she has to offer.


Must Love Diamonds Series, book 3

“My name is Merit, but you can call me handsome.”

Cocky, sexy playboy? Check

One night of hot passion? Check

Pregnancy test two months later? Positive

She had a one night stand with her best friend’s new brother-in-law. Of course, she knew she’d run into him sometime in the future, but she figured she’d deal with that when the time came.

Unfortunately, this morning, the future had arrived in the form of two pink lines.


She needs a bodyguard, but not the one who refused her body nine years ago.

Sexy former Special Forces soldier? Devante Torrez.

High school crush who left her humiliated? Also Dev.

Last person she wants as her bodyguard? Yep…you guessed it.

Shelby Diamond has a stalker, and her Senator father enlists family friend and former Special Forces soldier, Devante Torrez, to be her protector. If she must have someone watch over her in close quarters, she’d prefer anyone other than the man who rejected her and never looked back—especially since she can’t get the noble jerk out of her mind.

After a career ending injury forces him out of the military, Dev doesn’t trust himself to keep her safe from the stalker, or himself, because he wants her as much now as he did when she offered her sixteen-year-old self to him on a silver platter—or a pink princess bed, as it were. When the stalker grows bolder and gets much too close for comfort, Dev is forced to take the job, and soon discovers saying no to Shelby in any shape or form is even harder than walking away from her all those years ago.


Oil and water don’t mix…

He can’t stand the spoiled, uppity princess who’s too damn beautiful for his peace of mind.

She’s annoyed her heart keeps redefining moody, crabby jerk as brooding, sexy soldier.

Yeah, oil and water definitely don’t mix–unless they’re forced together and given a good shake.

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