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Happy Halloween Fun + Prizes

Hello – the Addictive Reads authors are having a Halloween Bash with lots of prizes for our readers!


Trick or Treat

We’re talking about favorite Halloween memories…I don’t really have any. I grew up in the country and my mom drove us around to all the neighbors (who lived miles apart) instead of into town to walk from house to house for the mother loads. Going to ten houses or so, we’d be lucky to cover the bottom our pillow cases, and there was one house where the crabby couple on the corner would maybe give us a quarter each year. We always wanted to play a trick on them, but were too scared of them and their dogs. 🙂

Sounds like I’m bitter…LOL…but really, though I love Fall most of all, Halloween isn’t a big deal to me.

Giving great deals to readers is much more fun!

So no Tricks from me, just two great Treats for $0.99!

Romancing the Ghost: Paranormal Collection by Stacey Joy Netzel 

Buy now!

Tales From the Mist Anthology

Nothing Found

Last but not least, CLICK HERE to visit the main event page at Addictive Reads to enter for the GRAND PRIZES!



2 comments on… “Happy Halloween Fun + Prizes”

  1. Bev Sten

    Hi Stacy,
    The only good thing about Halloween is when it’s over. I’ve always disliked it, even as a kid.

    • 75% of the time here it’s cold and miserable while trick or treating, so I’m looking forward to when the kids are done with that tradition. 🙂

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