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Summer Bride Release Day!

You are cordially invited to the release day for SUMMER BRIDE!

I’m so excited you guys can now read Dane and Kyra’s story! Early reviews love these two – especially Dane, and who can blame them, right? 😉

This book made me chuckle and near the end it had me reaching for my trusty box of tissues. I loved Dane, he has such a caring soul, you’ll have to read the book to find out if Kyra will give him the HEA he deserves.” ~ FrostyJac

I HIGHLY recommend it! It is a well written heartfelt book with a well developed plot and characters. It’s on my list of books to read again!” ~ Judy

Just don’t read it at bedtime! It’s a shoulda put it down, couldn’t put it down, I’m going to pay for it in the morning, I’ll sleep when I’m dead kinda book. This book is really joy to read, so much so I’m already reading it a 2nd time.” ~ T.Patrie

He has one month to make his bride fall in love with him before he deploys.

Kyra Sullivan has been left one too many times. If her father can walk out on his wife and children—twice—what’s to keep a man by her side? She doesn’t believe anyone will stay long enough to give her a happily ever after, until one night with Staff Sergeant Dane Owens opens her heart to dream.

But Dane has secrets. Obligations. Orders. Staying isn’t an option, and even worse, he has a feeling he’s not coming back alive this time. An honorable man would leave Kyra alone, but the moment he sees her again, walking away proves impossible. Can he convince her not being able to stay is different than leaving, or is he damned to repeat the past by once again ruining the life of someone he loves?


SUMMER BRIDE is available at all retailers ~ get your copy now!

I always like the books that Stacey writes, but this one was special. I would highly recommend this book.” ~ Susie

This is such a beautiful story of the hard journey of two people to find love. It’s a journey full of emotion, hope, desperation, building trust and being able to acknowledge what’s been in front of them the whole time.” ~ Evelyn

Thank you to all the early reviewers! Your love for this story means a lot to me!!

Happy Reading!


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