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Summer Scandal

Summer Scandal
Series: Romancing Wisconsin Series, Book 13
Genre: Contemporary Romance Titles
ISBN: 9781939143594

Will a salacious scandal ruin her career - or bring her the love of her life?

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About the Book

Summer Scandal – Book 13 in the Romancing Wisconsin Series

(**each book in the RW series is a standalone/books do not have to be read in order**)

SUMMER SCANDAL: Mechanic Clay Westfield thought he was on the flip side of a crazy media storm after his sensationalized divorce from pop superstar, Dianna Skye. Then she gives an emasculating interview that goes viral, and his ego makes him do something stupid enough to throw him right back into the eye of the tornado.

Actress Peyton Riley is coming home to Wisconsin to weather the scandal threatening to burn her career. But less than three hours back in town, Hollywood’s former sweetheart finds herself caught up in the arms of a man who’s as infamous as she—and the paparazzi is right there to fan the flames.

A little crafty maneuvering by matchmaker Santa Butch throws the two together at Clay’s mother’s secluded ranch. Sparks fly as new rumors are ignited in the sizzling summer heat, but can fragile threads of a budding new relationship survive the scorching spotlight?


Overhead footsteps interrupted her brief reprieve and lifted her lashes. She spotted a narrow set of stairs off to her right, just past an office and a tack room.

“You have got to be kidding me,” she muttered.

With one last pat on the bay’s smooth neck, she crossed the aisle to the stairs. When she reached the top, to the left was a hay loft that stretched most of the length of the barn. Half-full of hay, the dried grass smell was more concentrated up here. Fresher and sweeter.

She breathed in the pleasant scent while swiveling to her right, where a door opened into what appeared to be an apartment. A couple of boxes were stacked in the far corner outside the door, and she’d just taken a step forward when Clay came out with another box in his arms.

Peyton ignored him—and the flutter in her stomach—and entered the apartment. The main room—the only room—was a big square, with a double bed on one side, brown plaid couch on the other, small kitchenette, and a door she assumed was for a tiny bathroom. Everything looked old, and smelled…stale. Her nose wrinkled. Hopefully, at least one of the two windows opened because there was no air conditioner in sight.

There was also no coffee maker on the counter, and no TV on the ugly brown wall opposite the equally hideous couch. She had her laptop with her, but sincerely doubted there would be Wi-Fi.

Yep. Better and better.

Setting her bag on the floor, she turned to see Clay bending for one of the two remaining boxes by the bed. “I was told your mother is opening a bed and breakfast.”

“She is.”

“Annnnd, guests stay in the barn? How quaint. You going to fix up a few stalls, too?”

“We’re not officially open because the house isn’t finished yet. Won’t be for a while.” He carried the box out as he explained, raising his voice when he disappeared out the door, and lowering it a bit when he came back in. Lifting the final box, he braced it against his hip while meeting her gaze. “You’ve got two options. In the house, next to my bedroom, sharing a bathroom with me—”

Now why in the world did her mind have to jump straight to the fantasy image of him in nothing but a small towel, his wet, tousled hair dripping water down along his neck, onto his firm, bare chest? She avoided his gaze as heat flushed her body.

“—or, you can stay out here, with your own bathroom, and have complete privacy.”

And no sexy, half-naked man to run into in the hall. Hmmm—

Stop it. That’s a good thing! What is wrong with you?

“Of course, there is a third option,” he added. “If either of the first two aren’t good enough for you, no one’s making you stay.”

No, but once again, she’d bet her entire paycheck from her last movie someone was specifically trying to make her leave. And no way in hell was she going to give him the satisfaction.

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